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Mommy Tell Me A Story written by Kristi Grimm,

Illustrated by Dave Grimm, Inspired by Dillon Grimm

Meet The Author Kristi Grimm & Illustrator Dave Grimm

-Kristi Grimm Author 

Mommy tell me a story about..... How many times as a parent are we asked this question? These books were written to answer the question and spark a compassionate moment for those reading and listening to every word.

Our books are designed to help children tap into their abilities to make their own stories. We want to encourage young minds to understand that they too can come up with their own stories by just observing the world around them.  All of our books have a lesson to learn. Being a mom and former teacher, I have learned to never waste a teachable moment.  I purposely use inanimate objects or animals in my stories because I don’t want the focus to be on the gender or nationality of the character but on the attributes of the character and what lessons they need to learn. I also added the element of rhyme to make the stories easier to read and remember.  We also have worked very hard to bring characters to life that will inspire children’s own artistic creations.  Dave works countless hours to create colorful and lovable characters and scenery free-hand in colored pencil. With colored pencils or crayons maybe they can learn to draw like Mr. Dave.This is why we have provided coloring pages at the back so they can do some creating of their own.  We encourage our readers of any age to engage his/her imagination.